Is anyone else tired of America's voices in Congress being ignored by the very lawmakers we hired to represent the people's needs and those of our communities first and foremost?  The majority of our lawmakers and political leaders are more out of touch with the priorities of the people than ever before, regardless of party affiliation. For those lawmakers who came to Washington to work for all the people, they are simply outnumbered by the ideologues, who continue to put self-interests ahead of the interests of all others. Because Congress is now totally self-regulated and the members have conveniently provided themselves immunity to act outside the laws the rest of us have to live and work within, their workplace demeanor remains demoralizing to their constituents and all the citizens of this great country. They have neither the urgency to act on critical issues that can no longer be ignored or the ambition to help people simply try and live their lives with a sense of dignity. Americans have always fought for their freedom to be recognized as equals among all citizens while only asking for mutual respect in return from those they had a positive impact on throughout their careers and day to day lives. Now we are seeing this rogue environment carry over to lawmakers at the state and local levels with their accelerated assault on human rights. 


We now have an undeniable zealot in the Oval Office who alongside his administrative operatives have already declared that they know what is in the best interest of all the people, better than we do ourselves. With the continued chaos in the highest office in the land, Congress, led by GOP operatives, is now exhibiting eight years of pent up anxiety through the use of 'absolute power' to accelerate their most destructive agenda yet. By changing the procedural rules of conduct in Congress and continuing to misinterpret the laws written in our Constitution to further dilute any factual representations through their talking points, now demands that its members be put on notice that this egregious behavior is no longer sustainable. The last time 'absolute power' was enacted against the will of the people, as Congress is currently acting under, our founders demanded we the people separate from those who were so oppressive as to limit our freedoms guaranteed to every citizen in The United States of America!  Think about it, politicians have but one goal in mind and that is to divide the people of this country by pitting us against each other, so we fight for causes benefitting  those in power while  being deceived into thinking we are fighting to hold on to our own rights and freedoms!. Political party affiliations no longer benefit the people since partisan ideals are simply a means to an end for politicians to get into office and ultimately further their own self-serving agendas.  Everything most politicians seem impassioned about with their sales pitch to the people ultimately leads to one conclusion, legislators owe their allegiance to big business, not the American people!  Every day, every hour that goes by with these self-serving public servants ignoring the will of the people and taking no responsibility for not doing their jobs, demands at a minimum that they be held accountable for dereliction of duty in performance of their jobs. Our legislators are derelict in meeting any of the requirements mandated in their own code of conduct and neither their internal ethics committee nor any outside agency will enforce the rules they swore to uphold. Call Them Out for their unlawful activity and make them accountable to the American people once again!