More than ever it's becoming apparent at home and abroad that America is not the glowing star of hope and opportunity it once was, but rather moving in the direction of a third world country, where the rich and powerful make all the decisions around their own well being while the rest of us try and exist day to day in a more oppressed and dysfunctional environment! There are real solutions to many of the problems facing Americans today if only Congress would do its job and address meaningful legislation. But they won't, so we the people have to address the problem at the source and demand change to the body of government that continues to fulfill self-interests and the needs of special interests over the needs of our citizens. The question now becomes as simple as the answer, can you personally wait another 4-8 years for positive changes to be brought about in this country, before the misguided decisions now being made by our leaders in Washington, become irreversible?

If you still think that those elected officials you helped get into office, look at you as anything other than 'one vote' in which to further their own ambitions for greater wealth and power, you are sadly mistaken.  As our country becomes more divided than ever and we continue to lose trust in those we always thought would have our backs under any circumstances, the direction society is moving towards is not conducive to a harmonious relationship with other human beings going forward. I applaud the conservative movement in their unwavering campaign to distract the public so the destructive agenda they have planned for our nation can now move forward unobstructed. Mission Accomplished!      

Young people today seem to feel that they can dissociate themselves from mainstream beliefs without feeling any significant, personal lifestyle changes going forward. Unfortunately though, the adults in the room who got us into the chaos and toxic environment we are all struggling to adapt to now, may go MIA when you need their advice for ways to navigate past the tumultuous times ahead. Congress continues to use our hard earned tax dollars to further their own pet projects while giving the people nothing in return. These are the true 'takers' in our society, who relentlessly demand more from the hard working people while giving back nothing in return for the continued and unconditional investment we have all made in America for over two hundred years.          

Did you know that our current budget in Washington would cover the costs of creating programs that would benefit all Americans simply by cleaning up the waste and redundancy in non-essential or obsolete programs and reallocating funds already included in our current fiscal budget projections. Free healthcare for all citizens in America! Free education for all Americans, including textbooks and campus housing! This is just the beginning and changes could be implemented immediately. Members of Congress have almost unlimited power to do what's right for the planet while improving the quality of the lives for all the people, who together, are the only ones who can make America great again!   


American's are well aware that lawmakers have purposefully created a dysfunctional and hostile environment in Congress. Since they continue to get away with this behavior, those enept individuals in Congress will continue to move their campaign forward while taking no responsibility for the immense harm being brought to the good people of this nation. The only relief the people have against the crimes being committed against our nation by some in power, is to take political sides,  while distrusting those around us and complaining about all the injustices in this country! Our society has now migrated to a point where accepting personal responsibility for our own actions or inactions has diminished to a level where it is far easier to just blame someone else for the way things are instead of doing our part to start to fix some of the inequities we now face as a nation. Lawmakers today, by acting so irresponsibly in their once honored positions send a clear message to the most impressionable members of our society, if you choose not to take any responsibility for your actions throughout life then it is ok to find fault with others to mask your own shortcomings and poor judgment.  Whether we admit it publically or just to ourselves, the fact of the matter is that the chaos in Washington is only getting worse and the voices and will of the majority of the people are being ignored. The actions of lawmakers today are creating such a toxic and adversarial environment, not only in Washington, but seen spreading across the country, that a greater percentage of the population is more adversely affected now than at any time in our history. People, please wake up to the fact that your fellow citizen is not the enemy but rather those in power, making decisions on your behalf and without your permission, only to further their own agenda, at any cost to the country!  The greatest damage to our democratic society today and a personal affront to every American that is being perpetrated by the evil-doers in Congress is something the citizens, through the day to day distractions in Washington, have overlooked. Lawmakers are personally and willfully stealing from every human being in America the most precious  non-renewable commodity on this planet through their inept behavior, while denying the one God-given freedom of choice that is ours and ours alone to use as we see fit, and that is time. 

There was never any ambiguity in the job description of our legislators! If they need to be reminded what it is, simply put, it is to fulfill the needs and expectations of their constituents, first and foremost, who hired them specifically to be the voice of the citizens, their voice alone in Washington!  


Members of Congress site amendments to the Constitution as proof that their actions are well within the framework of the laws described in the Articles of Freedom and Democracy. The First Amendment is a good example when referring to our Freedom of Speech rights. Politicians use the First Amendment to disparage the reputation of their opponents through their freedom of speech and expression. The First Amendment is very clear about the right to freedom of speech and it not being absolute in any country and subject to limitations such as with libel, slander or essentially lying about the character of another individual to further enhance ones own image. There is no provision in the Second Amendment that allows military grade weaponry to be put in the hands of civilians, period. If there remains any ambiguity in the laws we must all live under today, change them to align with the intent of those originally drafted in the Constitution and adapt them to the changing times. No one has a right to distort the intent of our laws for the sole purpose of furthering ones own personal campaign that is rooted in deceit and lies being conveyed to the public.  


The clock is ticking, faster for some, so lets stop debating the non-issues and implement reasonable ideas so we can move on to the truly critical issues affecting the majority of the citizens in this country and replace the counter-productive members of Congress with progressive thinking humanitarians! There is nothing to stop us from demanding change with the status quo in Washington by simply unifying behind the one principal: This is not the country that I want my children or future generations growing up in if we wish to honor the vision of our founders with their creation of, what once was the greatest nation on earth - America.  Lawmakers want us to ignore climate change because if we truly believe it is a real science-based phenomenon then taking any action to slow down the damage already occurring to the planet will have a negative impact on the bottom line of the oil companies. People need to wake up to the harsh reality and accept the fact that some in power have insulated themselves against their poor judgment and inactions while in office. In their minds, never being challenged for the egregious acts against all humanity, simply assures them that it is well within the law to continue acting so irresponsibly.