THE SOLUTION



It is a documented fact that countries who look out for their citizens first and foremost are proven to have the most amicable coexistence among the majority of the people in their society. Less crime, more productive workforce and generally a more content majority of the population living in those communities because the people are not struggling just to exist day to day as we are now seeing in this country today.


Once we recognize equality among all citizens and unite to change our current form of government that unquestionably violates the core principals assured to each and every one of us as individuals under the Constitution, then and only then can we return to our chartered rule of laws designed "For All the People and By All the People."  I therefore suggest the following solution to start to turn around our now broken government that continues to put the people in limbo while preventing our nation from moving forward again. If members of Congress really cared about the wellbeing of all citizens, they have the capacity to assure that the basic necessities needed for people to live comfortably in their day to day lives, are made available to those simply trying to survive day to day through no fault of their own.        

For those who truly care about returning America back to some sense of normalcy before future generations are left struggling to adapt to the toxic environment they are destined to inherit if we do nothing, is to change government when it becomes ineffective to the means in which it was established. The first step is to have members of Congress become dedicated public servants, since they have demonstrated such a blatant disregard for the privileges afforded elected officials. The primary responsibility for members of Congress will now be to enact domestic legislation benefiting the people first and foremost, not themselves and not corporations, while doing so expeditiously and within the budget allotted.  


The people have everything to gain by standing behind the principals and ideals upon which this nation was built on.  "THE FOUNDERS OF THIS GREAT NATION WROTE IN OUR DOCTRINES OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY DRAFTED OVER TWO HUNDRED YEARS AGO AND ACT AS OUR RULE OF LAW TODAY THAT- ALL CITIZENS MUST JOIN TOGETHER TO CHANGE GOVERNMENT WHEN IT BECOMES INEFFECTIVE TO THE MEANS WITH WHICH IT WAS INTENDED."  We therefore demand that our current members of Congress and future candidates to hold positions in that branch of government, be designated as employee status instead of elected officials as they presently enjoy in their positions. As employees of the federal government, members of Congress will have the same duties to perform for all the people of this great nation as they currently do, but with the added requirement of oversight to assure they, as all public employees now must adhere to, a strict code of compliance in performance of their jobs.

A hiring committee will be set up to interview current members and prospective candidates to fill all the seats in Congress. If current members have a history of absenteeism, obstructive behavior or self-serving attitudes, you need not apply! Candidates will be evaluated, as they would in the private sector with their history of personal achievements, moral character and a strong ethical demeanor in the work environment that demonstrates the ability to be a team player at all times. As in the private sector, one's personal beliefs and ideals must never interfere with your ability to get the job done at hand.  

Once positions are filled in Congress with honorable citizens instead of politicians, and by structuring this body of government with more oversight, we can then insure the members never go down this path of demoralizing our country again. Think about the possibilities people, if the majority of our citizens wanted free healthcare or free education or even expanding the space program so we have other options once this planet becomes uninhabitable, then it would be the role of Congress to find the most efficient and cost effective manner in which to make those demands by the people and for the people, become reality. If members of Congress do not agree with the will of the people  going forward, then they can stand around in the break room among their fellow workers and bitch about how unfair life is as long as they get their work done as demanded in their positions.


Let's join together as equals and return the decision making to what is truly in each and everyone's own best interests, back to the people!  Life is short, there are no guarantees that tomorrow will come so remember humans are all on the planet to live each day to its fullest because all of us arrived on a one-way ticket and once we step on the 'dearly departed' bus out of town, we will not be returning to this planet earth anytime soon!